Bring Up Your Drinking IQ

Most people drink without actually thinking too much about what they’re putting into their mouth other than the way it tastes. For those that want to increase their alcohol IQ, the San Jose area has a couple of fun events going on that you might want to check out.

TequilaNeat Talks - Roberto’s Cantina - Jan 24th

Lovers of tequila (or even those that hate it) should take the opportunity to get in on this wonderful informative talk. Taste some high-end tequila and learn all about what makes one brand superior to another. You’ll likely come away with a new appreciation for this unique spirit.

Aged Rum Tasting - Mosaic Restaurant - Jan 22nd

This cool event is perfect for folks that want to try great rum. You’ll get the chance to try five of the finest rums that the world has to offer, all properly aged to perfection. And as you’re drinking, you’ll get to learn all about the history of the distilleries that made the rum as well as some rum-centric fun facts.


Photo courtesy of Pavel Sevela via Wikicommons