For a fun adventure to everywhere in Quebec

Cycling La Route Verte

La Route Verte is a series of roads and trails linked together and measuring in total more than 3000 miles.  This network extends all over Quebec, allowing cyclers to go pretty much anywhere they want on the back of their bikes.  If you and your loved one want to take an unconventional trip to this Canadian province and explore the wilderness as you make your way from one bastion of civilization to the next, La Route Verde is the perfect way to do it.  Most of the trails are paved, so it’s easy to get around whether you’re a beginner or a pro.  And since there is so much area to cover, you can cruise around for a few days or a few weeks, whatever you choose.  Has anyone traveled La Route Verte before?  What areas of Quebec did you see?


Photo courtesy of SamuelFreli via Wikicommons