Get Your Groove on at a San Jose Concert

When the urge for some live music strikes, check out the local concert calendar and see what’s coming into our city for the month. Here are two that you might want to check out this February. Bring along someone special and you can make it into a date night.

Wynonna - CampbellCommunity Center - Feb 12th

For those that enjoy some good country music, Wynonna Judd is an artist that shouldn’t be missed. She’s been playing for more than 30 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. Hear familiar songs from the past and new tunes from her latest album at this great San Jose concert.

Borgore - EventCenter at SJSU - Feb 13th

Fans of electronic dance music must stop off and see this amazing Israeli DJ. His combination of heavy metal influences, riotous drums and dubstep roots creates a musical style that some have taken to labeling as a whole new genre. Whether you just want to dance the night away or are interested in listening to something unique, this is a show for you.


Photo courtesy of Oliver Scherillo via Wikicommons