Legends of Music Coming to San Jose

Looking for a concert that is a step above the rest? Why not pick up some tickets for one of these two upcoming shows, each featuring musicians that have broken the mold and become legends in their own time.

U2 - SAPCenter - May 18th & 19th

Last year saw the coming of a new album from U2 and now they’re out on tour to support it. They’ve almost hit the 40 year mark as a band and in that time they’ve left quite an impression on the musical world. So if you’re a fan, head on down and don’t miss the opportunity to see one of their world-famous live shows.

Neil Diamond - SAPCenter - May 12th

Whether you’re a fan of his old pop music or found Diamond via his more recent and personal albums, this concert is an excellent chance to see the performer live. He’ll be promoting the soon-to-be release of his newest album, so expect to hear songs from Diamond that you’ve never experienced before.


Photo courtesy of SteBo via Wikicommons