Have a fun couple’s adventure is this huge, Brazilian metropolis

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located near the southern coast of the country of Brazil, the city of Sao Paulo has long been renowned for being one of the best Brazilian cities to visit if you’re looking for a romantic holiday away.  This urban metropolis may have all the troubles of your typical big city, but at the same time it is a center for the arts, a world-renowned location for fine dining and a place with some truly great nightlife.  The people are many and varied, descended from immigrants that came from all over the world, so everything in Sao Paulo is a little bit different from everything else.  If you really want to experience an urban adventure, take a trip to this third-largest city in the world.  Has anyone been to Sao Paulo before?  Is there anything you would recommend doing while there?


Photo courtesy of Fotosedm via Wikicommons