Serenade Your Date at a San Jose Karaoke Bar

Some of us were born to sing, there’s no way around it. So when that urge strikes, why not use it as a chance to impress your date with some amazing vocal skills? Here are three karaoke spots that you might want to visit during your serenading spectacle. Gamba Karaoke is close-by in the Cupertino area and they’re known for their amazing happy hour prices. They also have lots of private rooms, so you don’t have to stand in front of a crowd if you don’t want to. Or for something closer to home, head to 7 Bamboo. The unique, hip atmosphere is perfect for getting up on stage and singing your heart out. And for someplace a bit more sober, head to Music Tunnel KTV Café. This coffee and tea bar will settle you into your own private room to sing the night away.


Photo courtesy of OpenClips via pixabay