Some Interesting and Alternative Things to Do this Month

Want to make February a bit more interesting? Why not check out one of the unique activities taking place this month? Though there are plenty of things happening near the city of San Jose, here are a couple of the best.

PantheaCon - San Jose Doubletree Hotel - Feb 13th through Feb 16th

For those that practice alternative religions or those that are just interested in learning more about them, this is an excellent chance. Sit in on rituals, workshops and a variety of presentations and parties. It’s a fun way to educate yourself while being entertained this month.

Digital GameMuseum Volunteer Day - DigitalGameMuseum - Feb 7th

Who knew that volunteering could be so awesome? But when you volunteer to help the DigitalGameMuseum, you’re in for a treat. Help them sort through boxes of old games and other gear and add it all to their database. You’ll also get the chance to help out with some other game-centric tasks and even learn about many of the items in the museum. For gamers with nothing to do on Saturday, this may be worth a try.


Photo courtesy of The Conmunity via Wikicommons