Spend a Day Browsing Books with Your Special Someone

Sometimes the best way to spend a day with someone you care about is to do something low-key that you both enjoy, such as shopping for books. Couples that love to read have many great spots to choose from in San Jose, and here are a couple of the best. Recycle Book Store is the downtown choice for those that enjoy used books. They’ve got an excellent sci-fi section and if you need a break from reading you can always take a seat and pet one of their resident cats. One option for those that enjoy Japanese culture is Kinokuniya. From manga to books about Japanese culture and cooking, they’ve got quite the selection and even carry all manner of other Japan-themed items. And for something a little cozier try Leigh’s Favorite Books in nearby Sunnyvale. Even though they may be smaller, they still have a great selection of both new and used books.


Photo courtesy of futureprimitive via pixabay