Krabi, Thailand
Visit the beautiful beaches and islands of this Thailand paradise

A place of many islands and secret beaches, Krabi is a great destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway in Thailand.  In addition to the amazing scenery, the town is set up to accommodate all tourist needs, so you can find everything from simple hotels to luxury spa accommodations, as well as plenty of... Read More

Patty’s Inn
A dive bar among dive bars

For a taste of what a dive bar truly is, take a trip down to Patty’s Inn if you dare.  This dark and moody drinking spot is the very essence of regular customers, cheap-as-heck drinks and greasy bar food.  This isn’t the type of place you go if you’re concerned about your health, but if you want to meet some very interesting characters and drink all night for about 20 bucks, you... Read More

Pho Kim Long
Delicious and affordable Vietnamese cuisine

It may not look like much from the outside, but once you try a meal or two at Pho Kim Long, you’ll have no doubt as to why everyone seems to love this restaurant.  Serving up a menu of Vietnamese food (complete with the ever-tasty pho), they manage to put together some delectable dishes while still keeping the prices within reason.  It’s not much of a date spot if you’re thinking traditional,... Read More

Nha Em Restaurant & Bar
Delicious Asian cuisine served up by beautiful girls

If you’re looking for a place where you can get some great Asian fusion food and feel the need to be surrounded by beautiful girls while you eat and drink, check out Nha Em Restaurant and Bar.  If addition to a wide selection of excellent food, you’ll find that the drinks are equally delicious.  And the highlight of... Read More

Marmist Cocktail Lounge
The drinks are strong and cheap at his cool little dive

For a night out drinking where you don’t have to empty your wallet to get a good buzz, check out Marmist Cocktail Lounge.  This is a good place to stop by and watch the game or just have a few beers to end a long day.  The atmosphere is casual and the people are friendly and the bartenders always willing to sit and have a chat with you.  Best of all, the drinks are poured nice and strong, so... Read More

Cha Cha Sushi
Another great San Jose sushi bar

If you’re in the mood for sushi but want to find a place that does things just a little bit different, check out the oddly named Cha Cha Sushi.  This sushi bar offers up everything that you might expect from a restaurant of its type, but also takes the time to put some creative effort into crafting new items for you to try.  The prices are about what... Read More

Panther Beach
A nice day at the beach for the more adventurous couple

If you want to find a nice beach with a different bit of a twist, head south to the Santa Cruz area and spend the day at PantherBeach.  Best be aware that this is a nude beach, however, so you may encounter more than one unclothed individual while there.  Consequently, the best time to head to Panther... Read More

Take a break from the bar scene at this amazing hookah lounge

If you’re getting a bit tired of the usual bar scene and want to try out something a bit different, head to Shisha, an amazing San Jose hookah lounge.  Sample a few varieties from their wide selection of hookah flavors, all while relaxing in their comfortable lounge.  Kick back and listen to some great music while there.  There isn’t any... Read More

Jubba Restaurant
Take a chance on some amazing African cuisine

If you’re looking for someplace different and exotic to take your date, check out a San Jose spot known as Jubba.  This restaurant serves up the very best of African cuisine, offering the chance to try something that you might never be able to find elsewhere.  And though you may be completely unfamiliar with their menu, you can be assured that virtually anything you order is going... Read More

Lake Cunningham
For a day out relaxing or being active

For couples that want to have an active day out but don’t want to range too far out of the San Jose area, take the short trip to Lake Cunningham.  This urban park is a great place to do all sorts of things, from walking around the lake to having a... Read More