Take a Trip to a San Jose Brewery

When the need to drink is calling to you and you want to go someplace that has a nice range of different brews, skip the bar and head straight to the source. There are several good breweries in the Bay Area, though here are a few local ones that you’ll want to check out. Hermitage Brewing has only been around for a few short years, but they have a nice variety of beers for all tastes. They’re... Read More

Christmas in the Park
Skate and enjoy the lights in Downtown San Jose

How does a private Ferris Wheel ride sound? How about a ride in the middle of a bunch of holiday lights? You can do that and skate with your date at Christmas in the Park.

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Fantasy of Lights
Take your sweetheart out to see some holiday lights

Love to see holiday light displays? Take your sweetheart to the Fantasy of Lights in Los Gatos. There is a mile and a half of lights to see in all.

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Severns-Pease Christmas Lights Display
A unique, energy-efficient Christmas lights display

Holiday light displays are usually pretty special. But the Severns-Pease display is actually run on solar energy, making it even cooler. Take your eco chick or fella for a night out at the display.

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Christmas Tree Lane
Three streets of amazing holiday lights to see

It's considered "the peninsula's best Christmas show." Christmas Tree Lane is a row of homes that set up incredible light displays every year. Take your sweetheart to go check them out.

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Celebrate a December Festival Near San Jose

Festivals are a great way to get out of the house and spend some time with someone special, enjoying the celebration. This December, why not check out one of these great events the next time you’re going out for a date?

Festival of Lights - Santa ClaraUniversity - Dec 5th

Take the short trip to ... Read More

San Jose Rose Garden
Prune some roses together

Love the San Jose Rose Garden? In January, the Friends of the garden will be pruning again. Grab some shears and join in the fun with a date.

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Fowler Creek Park
Beautiful walks, even in winter

Want a beautiful city view at night? How about the perfect place for hand-holding? Take your date to Fowler Creek Park.

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Japanese Friendship Garden
One of the most beautiful parks in San Jose

Looking for a great first place location? Take your girl or guy to the Japanese Friendship Garden. Even in the winter, it makes for a gorgeous walk for two.

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River Oaks Park
Something to do every season with a date

Feel like playing tennis? How about taking your dog on a walk together? Take your date for a romantic winter walk at River Oaks Park.

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