Red Stag Lounge
For good times, cheap drinks and drunken karaoke

The Red Stag Lounge is about as good a neighborhood bar as you’ll find anywhere.  This classic drinking spot is all about making sure that the drinks are cheap and the people are satisfied.  Stop by to play a round of pool while you toss a few beers back.  Chat up the locals or the bartender and find out why this bar is... Read More

Guadalupe River Park
A charming nature stroll in the heart of San Jose

If you feel like taking a nice, romantic walk in the heart of downtown San Jose, but still want to get out into nature a bit, check out Guadalupe River Park.  With a three-mile walking trail, you can easily spend a few hours making an easy circuit around the park.  And since it’s so close to downtown, you can start or finish the day with a trip into the city... Read More

Flowers by Janet
For excellent arrangements at affordable prices

Though she may be a smaller San Jose operation, the reviews from her past customers all agree that Flowers by Janet is one of the best places to go to when you are in need of an expertly crafted floral arrangement.  Whether you need something small like a bouquet or are looking to decorate an entire event, she can do it for you.  Best of all, she’ll work with you until you get it... Read More

Sweet Mango
For some truly excellent Asian fusion cuisine

It may not look like much from the outside, but Sweet Mango is a great place to find a unique mix of Burmese, Chinese and Indian cuisine that has impressed a long list of customers.  With a long history in the restaurant business, the owners of Sweet Mango are dedicated to producing food that is both authentic in its design as well as delicious enough... Read More

Hike the Castle Rock State Park Loop
Explore the amazing Santa Cruz Mountains

For couples that want to spend a day out having a challenging and fun hike amongst the beauty of Northern California’s forests, check out the Castle Rock State Park hiking loop.  This trail measures in at just over six miles and will take you through the forests, along amazing vistas and past some remarkable rock formations.  It’s not the... Read More

A romantic gift for your small-framed lady

Just outside of San Jose, in the burb of Cupertino is a wonderful little shop called Shibuyasj where you can find all sorts of great gifts for your special lady.  Whether you’re looking for a nice dress, beauty supplies or something a bit more intimate, they have an excellent variety of everything.  The... Read More

Kyusu Burmese Cuisine
For a taste of the exotic

For those that prefer to share something more exotic when they’re out on a date, put Kyusu Burmese Cuisine on your list of places to visit.  This haven of Burmese food is a wonderful casual place to eat that offers up excellent food done in a traditional manner and does it all for a reasonable price.  From curries to meaty delicious plates to... Read More

The Boiling Crab
For some great Cajun food in San Jose

If you’re looking to find some great Cajun and Creole food in San Jose, take a trip to the tried-and-true Boiling Crab.  It may be a franchise operation, spread out as far away as Texas, but it’s still a good place to find both quality and affordability.  Enjoy some fresh seafood and many other treats cooked up the Cajun... Read More

La Foret
For some of the best French food anywhere

It’s a bit of a drive to get to La Foret, but once you try the fare at this French restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.  Top-notch and all class, La Foret is a place where you’re going to have to spend a bit of cash and make reservations well ahead of time.  For an intimate and romantic night out, however, there are few that compare.  Try one... Read More

Smoking Pig BBQ
For some of the best BBQ on the west coast

For lovers of traditional BBQ, a stop by Smoking Pig is a must when in San Jose.  This much-praised eatery of all-things meaty and delicious serves up some truly exquisite barbequed cuisine.  Sure, it may be a little messy to eat at times, but if you want a nice date night with some tasty food this fits the bill.  Sit back in the casual... Read More