A San Jose speakeasy that offers a refined drinking experience

Located conveniently in the heart of San Jose, singlebarrel (yes, the first letter isn’t capitalized) is a cool little bar with a lot of class.  With its speakeasy-styled interior and atmosphere, you’ll feel like you stepped out of time.  Of course, there are some rules that go along with drinking at singlebarrel, including no phones,... Read More

Cycling La Route Verte
For a fun adventure to everywhere in Quebec

La Route Verte is a series of roads and trails linked together and measuring in total more than 3000 miles.  This network extends all over Quebec, allowing cyclers to go pretty much anywhere they want on the back of their bikes.  If you and your loved one want to take an unconventional trip to this Canadian province and explore... Read More

Take a Kenai Safari
A multi-sport adventure through the many faces of Alaska

For couples that want the ultimate adventure, take a trip up to the state of Alaska and participate in the Kenai Safari.  This multi-sport challenge tests your mettle against a variety of popular Alaskan experiences.  Spend time cycling the trails, climbing glaciers, hiking through the great Alaskan... Read More

Hiking the Bibbulmun Track
One of Australia’s longest and most pristine hikes

If you want to explore one of southern Australia’s longest and most rewarding hiking trails, check out the Bibbulmun Track in TorndirrupNational Park.  At more than 600 miles, this is not an outdoor adventure for the meek.  But for couples that want to... Read More

Rafting Clark Fork
Spend an exciting day touring the river rapids

For a great river rafting adventure, check out the Clark ForkRiver in Montana’s Alberton Gorge.  Whether you’re looking to ride the rapids in a raft or take a kayak instead, for just a few hours or all day long, there are tour companies ready to... Read More

Motorcycles in Cambodia
Cruise this beautiful country on the back of a motorbike

One way of exploring a new country that has become quite popular recently is by taking a motorcycle tour.  Cambodia is one country where these tours have really caught on.  There is so much to see across such a large area of land that using a motorcycle is one of the best ways to experience it all.  Cruise down the roads and enjoy the lush jungles.  Stop off at... Read More

Unique arrangements for the perfect romantic gift

Bloomsters is the place to go if you’re looking to get an amazing floral arrangement that is unique from what you might get at your typical flower shop.  Whether you just need a small arrangement to give as a gift to your loved one or want to commission an entire engagement, they can help you out.  With a long list of customers that have been more than... Read More

Curvy Girl Lingerie
A romantic and intimate gift for a fuller figure

For many women, finding lingerie in sizes that are at least somewhat realistic can sometimes feel like a completely futile search.  Lucky, San Jose has an amazing place called Curvy Girl Lingerie that caters to women with fuller figures.  If you want to get a more intimate gift for that someone special, this just might be the perfect place to... Read More

Schurra’s Fine Confections
More than a hundred years of chocolate history

With a history of operation that goes back more than one hundred years, the folks at Schurra’s Fine Confections are bound to impress you with the expert craftsmanship of their fine chocolates.  Dedicated to making everything from scratch every day, this is a chocolatier that ranks high above the rest and the customer reviews prove it. ... Read More

The Classic Rock
For one of the largest selections of diamonds in San Jose

When it’s time to go the extra mile and spend some serious money on the one you love, make sure to find the best diamond experts you can by taking a trip to The Classic Rock.  In addition to having one of the best selections of diamonds in the city, they offer a variety of designs, from traditional to custom, so that you’ll get exactly what you’re... Read More