Azalea State Natural Reserve
If your love interest is into azaleas, there’s absolutely no better park to visit with him or her.

As bad a reputation as college towns get for being boring during the summer months, there are some things to do in and around Arcata—including visiting this gorgeous nature reserve. It exists to protect the Western Azaela, which is most beautiful during the late spring and early summer months. If you plan on going on an outdoor adventure in April or May, Azalea State Natural Reserve is a great... Read More

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park
Make your own haunted adventure at this old grist mill in California.

It’s hard to imagine that this old mill, created in 1846, used to be the center of activity in Napa Valley. The old building and its surrounding area now have a deliciously creepy quality, however, that will allow you and your lover to create any kind of fantasy scene you want on your date. Kidnapped by a villain? Peasants flirting between milling and tending animals? Battling ghouls and... Read More

Bean Hollow State Beach
Make out with your lover like they do in the movies at this scenic beach area.

If you’ve ever dreamed of desperately clutching the one you love—or just someone really, really hot—in the waves of the ocean like they do in the movies, Bean Hollow State Beach is the perfect place to pull it off. Sure, there’s also picnic areas, plenty of hiking to be had and a nature trail—not to mention sea life like crab, anemones, urchins and other creatures to see—but the real... Read More

Benbow Lake State Recreation Area
Picnic, people watch or just chat the day away with a new love interest at this state park.

Benbow Lake State Recreation Area is built around the South Fork Eel River reservoir. It’s a great place to fish in the winter or spend a lazy summer afternoon with someone interesting. Take your boyfriend or girlfriend to be out for a day of hiking or camping in the park, which is composed of over 1,000 acres. Meet up with singles to have a party and split the cost of a keg, or bring a book... Read More

Benicia Capitol State Historic Park
Take a tranquil stroll among the sculpted gardens as you enjoy this park with your partner.

Take your history buff over to the state of California’s third capital building at Benicia Capitol State Historic Park. The only state capital before Sacramento to survive, the grounds offer several points of interest for you and your date to explore—from workers quarters to a carriage house to lovely sculpted gardens. You can walk around the park or go inside the restored building and explore... Read More

Benicia State Recreation Area
This is a place for poets to pen odes about their lovers and present them as gifts.

Grassy wetlands and rocky beaches may not be the ideal location for water play and dating, they make for a very soulful setting when you want to do some soul-gazing or art-making together. Bring your art supplies, notebook and camera and prepare to be inspired by both your lover and the setting. It’s also a great place to skate, so pack your rollerblades if you want to. There’s also plenty of... Read More

Ringer Hut
This Japanese fast food is perfect for a stroll or picnic with a new friend.

Ever had Ringer Hut takeout? How did you like it?

Pizza My Heart
This pizza chain often wins best pizza of the year.

How much do you love Pizza My Heart?

Le Papillon
Get pampered at this upscale center of French cuisine.

Ever eaten at Le Papillon? Tell us how it went.

Chuck E. Cheese's
Be a kid again on date night and impress your friend with your mad skeeball skills.

When was the last time you went to Chuck E. Cheese's?