Roy's Station Coffee & Tea
Coffee, tea and baked goods Downtown

Having a leisurely brunch date? Try Roy's Station Coffee and Tea. It's in the heart of Japantown.

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Cafe Legato
Coffee, tea and dessert in Blossom Valley

Mmm, Ode to Joy Cake. Because who doesn't like leche flan? Try Cafe Legato on your next date night to impress someone new.

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Caffe Frascati
Coffee, tea and live music in San Jose

Hoping to impress a date? Take him or her to Caffe Frascati in Downtown San Jose. Be sure to try open mic night on a Tuesday!

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Desserts, coffe and tea in San Jose

Chocolate croissants. Red velvet cupcakes. At Hannah Downtown, you can enjoy any number of goodies with your coffee--and your date!

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Take a Trip to One of San Jose’s Best Wineries

Taking a day out to travel with your someone special to a winery is a great way to get to know each other better. Here are three excellent wineries in the San Jose region that you might want to consider when you’re in the mood for a wine-centric adventure. Picchetti Winery in Cupertino is a close-by spot where you can sign up for some private wine tastings. Try some... Read More

Some of the Best Indian Cuisine in San Jose

The next time you’re looking for a great dining destination, make it one of the city’s best Indian establishments. If your date hasn’t tried this sort of cuisine before, you can impress them and introduce them to something new as well. House of Lakshmi is a restaurant that focuses on Southern Indian food. They’re known for their excellent selection of vegetarian food, so it’s perfect if your... Read More

Bits and Pieces Bakery
Homemade sweets and baked goods in Willow Glen

Want some candied apples? How about fresh cookies? Pick up the perfect sweet gift for someone at Bits and Pieces Bakery.

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Pink Elephant Bakery
Fresh baked desserts in North Valley

Flan. Tres Leches egg nog. At The Pink Elephant Bakery, you can try baked goods in all kinds of flavors with your date.

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Dick's Bakery
Fresh cakes in San Jose

Looking for a good bakery for your cake needs? Try Dick's Bakery. They make burnt almond, marble and other cake varieties.

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Jen's Cakes
A cake source in Willow Glen

Need a pretty cake for an event? Celebrate with Jen's Cakes. They will design something for your sweetheart's special day.

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