Back A Yard
Delicious Caribbean food in downtown San Jose

Back A Yard is a great San Jose restaurant that offers up some truly delicious Caribbean and American cuisine.  Whether you’re looking for someplace for lunch or dinner, this is a good spot to bring a date.  It’s pretty small, so you may find yourself having to wait for a seat.  Once you get in and order, however, you won’t be... Read More

Hedley Club Lounge
For a classy yet casual night out

Located at the Hotel De Anza, in the heart of downtown San Jose, Hedley Club Lounge is a place for people that prefer a stylish and quieter drinking spot.  Though Hedley is classy and elegant, the prices are affordable enough that you don’t have to make six-figures to have a drink here.  Head down to... Read More

Dive Bar
Like a typical dive bar, but nicer

Perhaps the most brilliant move in marketing since someone handed a cigarette to a camel, naming your pub Dive Bar states plainly to the world exactly who and what you are.  This San Jose drinking spot lives up to its name when it comes to the friendly and casual atmosphere, but the décor is a step above your typical hole-in-the-wall night spot... Read More

Vintage Wine Bar
A bar for all grades of wine lover

Whether you’re a tried-and-testing wine aficionado that knows your stuff or just a normal person that enjoys wine and wants to know more, Vintage Wine Bar is a great place to check out.  Stop by the bar and talk to the bartenders - they’ll be able to suggest some amazing wines to you.  If you find something you like, you can even purchase a... Read More

55 South
Great cocktails at this downtown San Jose speakeasy

55 South is San Jose’s answer to the speakeasy trend that has gripped the world as of late.  With a dedication to creating some of the best cocktails in the city, this lounge will ensure that you’re never disappointed.  The atmosphere here is relaxed despite the fact that it can get crowded sometimes and the bartenders are well-versed in their craft.  This isn’t your typical bar,... Read More

Original Gravity Public House
An impressive selection of brews in downtown San Jose

If you’re looking for a place to find some quality craft beer in downtown San Jose, check out Original Gravity Public House.  With more than two-dozen beers on tap and a wide selection of bottles, you’re bound to find plenty to appease the beer snob within.  Even better, they are constantly rotating their selection, so you can come... Read More

The Blank Club
For a relaxed crowd and some great live music

Another great bar in the heart of San Jose, The Blank Club is the place to go if you want to have yourself a few drinks and dance the night away to some live music.  They keep the rotation going, so you can show up on different nights to hear different kinds of music.  And the drinks are cheap, so you won’t walk away broke.  For those that... Read More

Jack’s Bar & Lounge
A classic watering hole for a relaxed night out

Jack’s Bar and Lounge is a place for all types to come and enjoy a night out drinking.  With a decent selection of beer, a full bar and a dedication to making sure that people can watch the game if they need to, it has pretty much everything you could need.  The drinks are cheap and the regulars are relaxed.  The staff is friendly and always... Read More

7 Bamboo
San Jose’s premier karaoke hot spot

If you’re seeking out a place where you can go to get that perfect, comfortable dive bar feel but also have a knack for singing, check out 7 Bamboo.  With a selection of decently priced drinks and a laid-back atmosphere, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling at home here.  Come in during certain nights to enjoy live bands or DJs or be like everyone else and show up for the karaoke fun.  With a... Read More

O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub
For a little bit of Ireland in San Jose

Located conveniently in Central San Jose, O’Flaherty’s Irish Pub is the kind of place that will charm you before you’ve even managed to get through your second pint.  With a traditional Irish pub atmosphere, this bar offers up a great selection of beer at reasonable prices as well as an impressive collection of Irish and Scotch... Read More