Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga
A mixture of art and nature

Just a short jaunt southwest from the city of San Jose is the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga.  This old Italian-styled mansion is dedicated to the arts and a great day trip location for couples that enjoy the creative side of things.  There are plenty of... Read More

Fioli Center, Woodside
A beautiful estate dedicated to preservation

For couples that want to get away into nature, learn something new and help out at the same time, Fioli in Woodside is great place to visit.  This beautifully preserved country estate is not only an example of some amazing architecture, but it also happens to be a site for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  You can explore the home, wander the... Read More

Hakone Japanese Gardens, Saratoga
A piece of Japan right in the heart of California

In the hills of Saratoga, just a short drive southwest from the city of San Jose, lay the HakoneJapaneseGardensThese gardens are truly magnificent to behold and also happen to be the oldest of their kind in the entire Western hemisphere... Read More

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
Take a trip to the bay and check out the hottest tourist spot

Fisherman’s Wharf is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives and it is conveniently located just north of San Jose, in the bustling city of San Francisco.  There’s plenty to do on the wharf, such as riding the cable cars, visiting the aquarium, checking out a museum or learning something new at the... Read More

Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton
A romantic day or night spent gazing at the stars

Located on Mount Hamilton, just east of San Jose, is the Lick Observatory.  For couples that enjoy learning new things together and have an appreciation for the stars, this can be a great way to spend a day or night.  The observatory is open to the public every afternoon or you can attend one of their special events, such as the... Read More

Hotel Los Gatos, Los Gatos
A romantic and private getaway outside of San Jose

Located just outside of San Jose proper, in the city of Los Gatos at the base of the Santa Cruz Mts., Hotel Los Gatos is a smaller and quaint accommodation with lots off style and beautiful décor.  For couples that want a place conveniently close to outdoor adventures in nature and the big city of... Read More

The Fairmont San Jose
A massive hotel, less intimate but more luxurious

The Fairmont San Jose is one of the larger hotels in the city, a two-tower, looming structure of 20 stories.  This luxury hotel has all the conveniences that one could ask for and is known for displaying quality and excellence.  For couples that wish to spoil themselves with a top-notch accommodation during their romantic getaway, the ... Read More

Dolce Hayes Mansion
Isolation and luxury in the heart of San Jose

DolceHayesMansion provides everything that one could want for a romantic and pampered vacation away from the city yet still in the middle of it.  With its beautifully landscaped grounds and amazing views of the surrounding mountains, this multi-award-winning... Read More

Hotel de Anza
A comfortable and attractive hotel for a romantic San Jose getaway

For couples looking to take a romantic visit to San Jose, the Hotel de Anza is one hotel that, in addition to its beauty and unique style, provides a convenient location from which to journey into the city.  With its large rooms and great views of the city’s skyline, Hotel de Anza offers a great accommodation at a decent price.  Inside the... Read More

Hotel Valencia Santana Row
A stylish and modern hotel in one of San Jose’s most popular neighborhoods

Hotel Valencia Santana Row is a larger boutique hotel for couples that wish to spend some time exploring the well-known Santana Row, one of the biggest attractions of San Jose.  Located within a beautifully designed building, Hotel Valencia features some truly remarkable, modern and stylish interiors.  The hotel has become a... Read More