Renegades Part 2
enegades is home to a very diverse crowd, including bikers, jocks, men in uniform and many other gay men.

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Renegades is considered the most popular gay neighborhood bar in San Jose.

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Trials Pub Part 2
Grab a Guiness on tap or try any combination of drinks, from whiskey to rum, ranging from $4 to $9.

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Trials Pub
Head over to Trials Pub for 20 ounce pints of British ale and classic Brit cuisine, from a banger plate to sausage rolls.

Which meal do you order at Trials?

Red Stag Lounge
It sounds like a manly place. What could possibly go wrong? Great drinks and always a nice time.

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Park Place Lounge
If you have ever heard of the game Monopoly this is similar... really classy joint (but you do not get free parking).

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The Blue Chip
Delicious drinks, captivating company. This is the place that really has it all.

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Vino Vino
Enjoy wine and a good time? This is the place for you! A lot of singes hang out around here as well!

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This bar needs a competing bar called "Jills"... its a total sausage fest! You might met some great ladies there on certain nights, however.

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Its got single right in the name! How bad could it be, right? Not very. Great drinks and service!

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